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Wanna know why I can't be just one kind of photographer?

I suppose there are good reasons to attach a category to the type of photography we choose to offer our clients. After all, we want to be recognized as especially talented in various genres, right?

When I designed my website,, for example, I chose three 'categories' to display my work- Lifestyle, Commercial and Outdoor Living.

I thought it made sense to try to make it easy for people to view the work they're most interested in. Babies? Couples? How about landscapes, camping trips?

Don't forget doc-style candids of family. How could my audience find what they're looking for? A heading, a title, a category might be necessary.

That's ok. I'll pick a few menu tabs and list three genres on my business card. I'll happily shoot corporate head shots (Commercial) but please don't limit me to being "a head shot photographer." Weddings, absolutely! I just can't wait to meet the bride and groom and have some fun moments and capture your special day (Lifestyle).

Construction projects- sign me up! I'll be eager to get those shots that the owner demands as the project moves along to completion. Plus, can't resist shooting heavy equipment, lol! (Commercial.)

Isn't it okay to not to be limited by a label? Can I be indecisive? I can still be a good photographer without narrowing my interests, yes?

I want you to think of me when you need photos for your website, nature photos for your greeting cards.

I'm your photographer when you want to display your hometown proudly in the print over your couch.

Maybe I'll narrow my focus down sometime, but not yet. I'm going to keep shooting products making them sooooo desirable they'll be on your wish list.

This unwillingness not to channel just one type of photo probably plays havoc with my SEO, but I'm willing to risk it to do the work I love. It's fun creating hashtags as a means of making my work discoverable through social media. (please follow @jkah255)

So for the time being, I'll continue to shoot a variety of subjects and strive to continue to grow as a photographer on every project changing as technology continues to evolve.

Exposure to new locations, people and activities is on my 'to do' list. Just let me know what you're looking for and we'll have a go at it.

©2017 janetkahoephotography

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