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About Me

Hi!    I'm Janet Kahoe. Thank you for visiting my photography website. 

The picture above?  Not recent, but I really like it.  It's me and one of my first cameras- a Minolta or Mamiya back in the 70's.  No longer shooting film, but sure do love how using digital gives you freedom to shoot more and take chances (and no more hours hidden away in a darkroom.)

I enjoy photographing a diverse group of subjects. Babies, couples, family and favorite pets to splendid corporate events, executive portraits, deliciously tempting plates of food -yes please.  Architecture-a particular favorite. My city (Baltimore) has an abundance of old and historic sites as well as new construction. I appreciate details-cobblestones, wrought iron, landscaping. 

You'll usually find me climbing on a countertop or ladder, aiming the camera from behind a crazy rock formation, or snuggling close to a baby to get the shot.  "Wait a second, I see a shot" is something you'll usually hear from me.

Unique travel locations are always thrilling! Always ready for new adventures, so please give me a call to discuss your own personal needs.

Contact Me

Janet Kahoe

3027 Abell Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21218

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